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Halloween 2016 Tokyo Style

Tokyo Fashion have been busy in Shibuya covering the recent three day street party Halloween event in Shibuya which saw the streets get closed and thousands of Halloween cosplayers take to the streets and just have a great time. There’s some amazing cosplays in these clips and some very cute and funny ones too. One thing that Japan does very well is take things to the next level!

Tokyo Fashion Update – Roku

Time for a long overdue and very belated fashion update from the happening streets of Tokyo, courtesy of TokyoFashion.com, the leaders in reporting what’s the 411 from Japan.

Here we have Roku, who’s a 17 year old student sporting an animal print design from Nadia with high top sneakers from Converse.

She’s packaged it all up with accessories ranging from a black pyramid ring, a black Nadia bag with a large golden heart on it, god ring and a tattoo choker.

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Spring In Japan Brings Acid Wash

Spring has sprung in Japan and with it, the Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) have come and are making their way to the North of Japan. But with a new season comes a new fashion trend and the latest to hit the streets of Japan is the acid wash denim look, specifically jackets and skirts.

Acid wash has seen Japan before but it was always a niche market here and there while this time around, the acid wash trend has gone mainstream and is seen popping up everywhere. Especially on the main strip in Harajuku, Takeshita Dori, which is seeing as resurgence in acid wash wherever you look.

Knowing Japan, there’s no way of knowing how long this fashion trend will stay around in Central Japan for but for now, it’s a top seller. I’ve included a swathe of picture below from Tokyo Fashion, a link to the main article with all the pics can be found here.

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Tokyo Fashion Report – Downtown Harajuku

Some cool fashion being reported by site in the know, Tokyo Fashion, the ultimate site to keep you in the circle for the latest fashion from the streets of Japan.

And this report is no different featuring 24 year old Akira seen bouncing through the streets of Harajuku decked out in some serious threads with particular emphasis to his modified pair of Air Jordan sneakers. The cool black jacket from ACV x 4jigen speaks volumes as do the pants from Phenomenon.



All this is complemented with white framed sunglasses, cap from New Era, a Macronic doll with some added bling, spiked leather wristband and a seriously cool leather armour ring. The bag is from Jam Homemade x Stussy.