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Tokyo Jungle TV Spot And Trailer

Two new clips have emerged for Tokyo Jungle, both of which are very eye catching.

First up the TV Spot which shows the animals running rampant through Shibuya with a very cool Pomeranian overseeing everything.

“Hellish Zoo”

Next up is the longer trailer at four minutes long showing some gameplay with the same Pomeranian taking care of the narrating duties, yes…you read that right.

Tokyo Jungle Playthrough With Capcom’s Hiroyuki Kobayashi

Hugely successful Capcom producer, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, is the next major player in the gaming development world to give Tokyo Jungle a play through. The play throughs are part of an incentive by Sony which are then filmed and presented as a series of promotional films for the game.

In the clip below, which runs for just under six minutes, Hiroyuki-san is exposed to the “Archive” System where you can gather “archive” fragments. These are the used to unlock different parts of the game that explain what exactly has happened to the human race.

Kobayashi also makes mention that the game should be rated Z due to the violence and sexual content.