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Japanese Commercials, Vol. 20

It’s that awesome time again when we take a look at the current batch of commercials doing the rounds on Japanese TV. Is anyone else as fascinated by these commercials as much as I am? I just love the hugely different marketing techniques that they use in Japan as opposed to commercials back here in Australia 🙂 Here’s a quick run down of what you can expect in the video update below and as always thanks to YouTuber, JPCMHD. We got fly sprays, a cute ginger moggy for Y!Mobile, McDonald’s, a spot  for OVA “The Irregular at Magic High School” with a GARNiDELiA theme (God, I love them!), a Toyota ad with stunning views of Japan (must watch!), Cup Noodles featuring a grown up Kiki from the much loved Ghibli film and loads more. It’s a great update with heaps of cute and cool commercials!


This update is way overdue so sincere apologies for that, life has been quite hectic lately. Let’s ramp up the randomness with some new commercials straight from Japan thanks to YouTuber JPCMHD!

Some Y!Mobile with J-Pop thrown in, Justin Bieber? (I know), potato chips, Nintendo Switch, mobile game Lord Of Knights x Attack On Titan collaboration and heaps more! It’s so good to watch Japanese commercials again.

Japanese Commercials, Vol. 14

Time for that new favourite segment of japandaman.com, the amazingly original, zany and crazy TV commercials straight from Japan. As always, thanks to YouTuber, JPCMHD for the fresh batch of commercials!

This month there’s Pocky, Gatsby skin care, Softbank, IdolMaster mobile game, yummy snacks from Meiji, LINE mobile games and a whole heap more! Hope you enjoy this month’s offerings 🙂