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Japanese Commercials, Vol. 13

Time for another look at the awesomely wacky commercials from Japan courtesy of YouTuber, JPCMHD!

This time we have a great selection ranging from breakdancing Geishas, Pepsi Strong commercial with Jude Law (WTF?), Calbee snacks, J-Pop debut group Ciao Bella Cinquetti, more Softbank canine shenanigans, a lip crayon ad featuring J-Pop idol Kanna Hashimoto plus loads more. Catch all the fun below!


Pokemon Superbowl Commercial

Superbowl 50 is just around the corner and with this sporting event comes the traditional slew of TV spots and ads that are broadcast to millions of viewers at half-time. And no, I haven’t decided to follow the NFL (not that there’s anything wrong with it) but one commercial caught my eye. There’s a commercial for the 20th anniversary of Pokemon and it’s a great one!

The ad basically follows the tried and tested theme of believing in yourself and being able to accomplish anything if you put your mind to it. It’s pretty inspirational for a Pokemon commercial and it’s definitely worth checking out below.

Japanese Release For Cross Ange PS Vita

Japan will be getting a release on the PS Vita for Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons tr. Bandai Namco have confirmed that the game has been slated for release on May 28th with a price of ¥6, 640. Based on the anime, the game will feature “dramatic shooting action” with Nami, a new protagonist for the game.


The game will play out in three distinct separate parts. There’s are “Drama Parts” which is a visual novel style which allows you to build trust between the main characters in everyday life, “Customization Parts” will allow you to build and modify the various crafts in the game and lastly, there’s “Battle Parts,” where you’ll fight with dragons and have the ability to customise your para-mail.

Also of note is that first print copies of the game will ship with a PS Vita custom theme. Here’s a TV spot airing in Japan to promote the game.

TV Spots Promoting 3DS LL & Monster Hunter Tri G

Two new TV spots promoting the 3DS LL and Monster Hunter 4 have just begun to air in Japan just in time for Summer. For those that think they may have missed something, the 3DS LL is what the 3DS XL is known as in Japan.

The first tv spot shows some gamers taking part in some multiplayer action Monter Hunter Tri G on the 3Ds LL and don’t tell me it doesn’t look absolutely gorgeous on the stunning new larger screen. It looks amazing but that could also be my inner fanboy talking. The spot also briefly shows a logo for Monster Hunter 4 at the very end.











The next tv spot is pretty much the same but with salarymen taking part in some monster hunting action once again on the 3DS LL and yes, once again it looks absolutely sublime. Catch that one below.

Tokyo Jungle TV Spot And Trailer

Two new clips have emerged for Tokyo Jungle, both of which are very eye catching.

First up the TV Spot which shows the animals running rampant through Shibuya with a very cool Pomeranian overseeing everything.

“Hellish Zoo”

Next up is the longer trailer at four minutes long showing some gameplay with the same Pomeranian taking care of the narrating duties, yes…you read that right.

Teaser Commercial for Next Tales Game

Namco Bandai has recently shown off a new teaser commercial for the next Tales game. The TV spot is a trip through Tales history with highlights from past Tales games and the various catch phrases seen in the series.

More importantly though, the trailer ends with some new artwork and the phrase, “Are you prepared to destroy the world for the girl?”

The new TV ad is below ahead of the game’s release on June 2 while a new commercial is due to hit Japan tomorrow.