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God Eater Online Opening Cinematic

If Ufotable know how how to do one thing well, that’s animation. And that’s never more evident than in one of their latest works, the opening cinematic for God Eater Online.

Bandai Namco took the covers off the opening lately which also features the theme song “Get Your World” by Touch My Secret.

The MMO action game for smartphones is coming to Japan for both Android and iOS.

Fate/Stay Night Trailer English Sub

Here’s a look at the trailer for the forthcoming reimagining of Fate/stay night with English subs. Studio ufotable is making all this possible and bringing the new anime to the small screen.

The anime will be receiving a special launch screening in North America at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles, CA on September 28th. 

For tickets, check out http://fatestaynight.bpt.me/

Video Snippet From Fate/Stay Night Remake

Saber fans, you are on alert. Ufotable, behind the amazing Fate series, have shown a snippet of video from the forthcoming remake of Fate/Stay Night for 2014. Even better, it shows Saber in action against Lancer and it’s looking good. The video was recently shown off at the  Machi✩Asobi event which was held in Tokushima City where Ufotable are based.


It’s only a blink and you’ll miss it video at just over 1 minute long but I think fans will agree with me when I say new footage is better than no footage.

Fate/Stay Night Dance Posters

If you happen to be in the Tokushima Prefecture between August 12 to 15, you’re going to be in for a treat. Every year between those dates, the Awa Odori (Dance) Festival is held. The area is also the hometown for Hikaru Kondo who serves as a producer for ufotable on many classic anime’s including the upcoming Fate/Stay night anime.


ufotable are ones to always get into the theme of things and have contributed these posters for the dance event which showcases some characters from Fate/Stay night.

So get down, have a dance and let your hair down!

Fate/Stay Night Trailer

Great new trailer from ufotable, the studio who previously adapted the Fate/Zero series, they’ve now turned their artistic skill to a prequel series.

Fate/Stay Night will go back to the Grail War in a storyline that pays visit an entire generation later. You can have a look at the preview trailer below and when you’re done, hit up the official site for more info.

Fate / stay night PV by pKjd

Anime Festival Machi Asobi Part 1: Cosplay Fashion Show

The Golden Week proceedings have wrapped up in Japan for this year but one of the biggest anime, gaming and manga events, Machi Asobi, was held in the Tokushima Prefecture which is situated on Shikoku island. The word “machi” translates as street, town or city while “asobi” is amusement, playing or game. The event is held bi-annually, normally in May or October, and is put together by studio, ufotable, responsible for Tales of SymphoniaFate/ZERO andKara no Kyoukai – the Garden of sinners.

The Tokushima City Tourist Association also lend their support to the event. October 2009 saw the first event to be held and the past weekend of May 3rd to the 5th saw the 10th event to be held. Without one of the highlights of the event is the cosplay show, held in the late afternoon of the event’s last day. Over 100 cosplay participants can walk the red carpet which spans 100m throughout the length of the Higashi Shinmachi shopping arcade located in Tokushima-city.

*all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with the organizer’s permission

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Blood Drive Teams Up With Fate/Zero Gilgamesh Offer

Tokushima City will be holding their annual blood drive soon and development studio based in the area, ufotable, are getting ready for their Machi✩Asobi biannual anime/manga/game. The studio, who have Fate/zero in their resume, will be hoping to tap into the Otakus for their assistance with the blood drive. In the past, they have used Ryunosuke and Saber posters to deliver the message however for this year they’ll be using a Gilgamesh clearfile and poster.

poster used from last year - Fate/zero
poster used from last year – Fate/zero


Another poster from last year with Saber
Another poster from last year from Fate/zero

During the Golden Week event, a blood mobile will be temporarily set up at Tokushima Station.

Gilgamesh clearfile
Gilgamesh clearfile
Gilgamesh poster
Gilgamesh poster