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Cool updates incoming for the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo held one of their public broadcasts last night and this Nintendo Direct was aimed at squarely at the 3DS with a slight emphasis on the Wii U. Some amazing games were shown off but the more exciting announcements were happening in the back end for Nintendo.


The big one is that the Wii U and the 3DS will finally have a unified account that is able to share account credit across both consoles as long as you use the same Nintendo Network ID. This has been a feature that pretty much everyone has been asking for and it seems that Nintendo are finally listening to their fans. The social app on the Wii U, Miiverse, will also be coming to the 3DS so you’ll be able to post messages, drawing and more for your friends as long as you have an internet connection.

cg3ds 3

And popular video streaming site, YouTube, will also be coming to the handheld in the form of an app. All these changes and more will be coming to the 3DS sometime next month which will make a nice Christmas present for eager fans.

Puyo Puyo For PS Vita

Sega have been busy updating the Puyo Puyo portal site with a new update featuring new wallpapers.  Sega made a small typo on the site however and mentioned that they were for the PSP, judging by the size of the images though they are more Vita screen sized.

This has given rise to the rumours that a Puyo Puyo title for the PS Vita is inevitable and with any lucky there will be more news on this title sooner rather than later.

You can check out the site here and pick up some wallpapers while you’re at it.

New Firmware For Vita

Another firmware rollout for the PS Vita taking it up to version 1.52 from 1.51. This is now the second update post release and will apparently fix a small bug, so no new features then.

When questioned about this latest update, all Sony remained tight lipped although some owners are reporting, via social media and blogs, that the update will address an issue where the 3G system would not recognise your SIM card.

Season’s Greetings And What Not

I posted this on both Facebook and Google+ pages but in case you missed it, I just wanted to send out a Happy New Year to all Otakus around the world. Hope you had great celebrations with not so many sore heads!

I also wanted to use this opportunity to thank all Japandaman Dailies readers for your continued interest in my site and thanks for making this site worthwhile, my stats show that more and more people are coming to check out my little corner on the interwebs so this is muchly appreciated.

I aim to spread this site open a bit more in this New Year as looking back, the site mainly about gaming in Japan and not so much pop culture or even music for that matter so I will endeavour to throw more J-Pop and even K-Pop music info in here. Maybe even a what’s hot fashion section in Japan at the moment, not that I’m a fashion expert, far from it, but luckily there are people around who can tell me what’s what in Japan with fashion.

I will also look at doing at proper Movies section where Japanese cinema releases will be explored whether it’s in Japan or hitting home dvd/blu ray. Reviews will more than likely follow as well so keep your eyes peeled for that one too.

Don’t forget to take note of the Twitter feed on the front page as well, sometimes I come across some news that is really too small to mention in a full article but is still worth mentioning. When this happens, I’ll also include a link with more info for you to check out.

So a big hearty thank you once again to all readers and thank you for the great word of mouth as I don’t have the funds to really advertise my site. So keep telling your friends about Japandaman Dailies or linking me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, it means heaps to me so let’s look forward to a bigger and better 2012!

Monster Hunter 3G Demo Hits e-Shop

The 3DS has finally had it’s much talked about update go live and one of the talked about features is the ability to record 3D video however, I think a much better feature with more potential is that the e-Shop will now be able to offer demos so you can try before you buy. In Japan, the first game to make an appearance in the shop is none other Monster Hunter 3G and it’s receiving excellent reviews.

The demo itself can only be played for 30 mins at a time before expiring and leaving you to start again. Well we assume that’s what happens as no one has reported what actually DOES happen. People in Japan, please let us know!

Popular publication Famitsu gave the game two 10’s and two 9’s which isn’t bad and should help consumers make up their mind about whether to buy or not. Next is the third commercial that Capcom have released for the game showing some actual gameplay footage…nice. The trailer does look amazing, judge for yourself down below.


I really like the layout of the touchscreen, it looks pretty cool with its own cross pad no doubt to help those out who don’t buy the circle pad accessory.

Lastly, Capcom also released some images of a another monster who first made an appearance in Monster Hunter  3 but also showed up on the PSP incarnation, Monster Hunter Portable 3G. that monster being Deviljho.

New Site For Final Fantasy XIII-2

Square Enix have unveiled a new look for the site to promote Final Fantasy XIII-2 which looks very cutesy with gorgeous Moogles all over the place.

The site features a handwritten look for the text and offers a recap of the events of Final Fantasy XIII with a Moogle acting as your guide.

There will character profiles, a calendar of events, a dictionary of game terms which is all set to a retro sounding 8-bit version of the FFXIII theme.

Check out the official site for this more at the link below.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Official Site

Theatrhythm Could Have Downloadable Songs

Despite upcoming 3DS rhythm based game, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, coming loaded with over 50 songs, there could possible be more songs on offer after launch. Japanese retailer Sinobi had some hands on with the game and they’re reporting that Square Enix have plans in the making to offer more songs for download as DLC for the 3DS.

The writeup that Sinobi posted doesn’t confirm that they heard this from SE or possibly an attendant but it is exciting to imagine that the lifespan for the game could potentially be massive. Famitsu magazine is also doing an expose for their next issue on Kingdom Hearts 3D so there may be news on the DLC rumour for Theatrhythm when the magazine releases next week.

The big question, of course, is assuming this is true is, will the content be free or will you have to pay for it. Let’s not forget that Nintendo will be implementing a billing system with the November update so the infrastructure will be in place for the game for its February 16 launch.

Sinobi also mentioned that the game had a mode where you can hear the music on a continuous loop which is a great touch turning your 3DS into a Final Fantasy jukebox of sorts.

More Details on 3DS November Update

Nintendo held an earnings briefing in Japan on Friday during which time, CEO Satoru Iwata, dropped some more tidbits of info on what we can expect from the forthcoming 3DS firmware update in November. One of the more interesting additions to the update will be the built in ability to allow the 3DS to receive add-on content straight from the eShop. What this means is that games will be able to offer micro transactions from within the software allowing users to purchase items and add-on content all within the game.

Despite that the infrastructure will be in place from the November update, this nifty function won’t be rolled out in games until sometime next year.

Iwata went on to say, “Nintendo will also likely next year in some form do this [offer add-on content], in a form that would receive support from the customers.”

Nintendo has also been in touch with third party developers to ensure that they have the necessary framework in place for their future games as well.


Nintendo 3DS Conference This Friday

In an interesting turn of events, Nintendo have announced that they’ll be holding another conference this coming Friday, 21/10/2011, in Japan. The event will be happening at 8PM local Japan time, making it 10PM AEDST. No firm news on what exactly will be covered but we have heard that the planned November update will be a topic as well as possibly more news regarding Mario Kart 7.

For those eager to tune in, there will be a live stream of the event, no doubt in Japanese, but it’ll still be cool to watch. The link for the live stream can be found below.

Live Stream Link

TGS Interview Update

I haven’t forgotten about the TGS interview with @HiroakiYura from @CIA_Int and @Eminence Online who you may recall has just been named Music Supervisor for the upcoming, Soul Calibur V. Plus, as a bonus, roving Art Editor/International Reporter, Stephanie, managed to snag an interview with @tomoki_miyoshi, a young 18 year old who is doing the cinematics scoring for Soul Calibur V. It’s just taken some time to transcribe everything and just trying to find the time to do so. Well, it’s finally done so as soon as I get home from my day job, my night job will kick in and I’ll post them up .

Thanks for your patience! 🙂