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Interview – Vampy Bit Me (Cosplayer)

I was covering Tokyo Game Show in 2014 and I was lucky enough to bump into my favourite cosplayer, Vampy Bit Me! What followed next was a very impromptu interview which she was more than happy to do. I found her to be extremely friendly and down to Earth and great, interesting person to interview.

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Live Action Food Wars Culinary Battle

Something really cute I found recently, cosplayers Vampy Bit Me and Livia Chu recreating a scene from food anime, ¬†Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma. And just for good measure, there’s also a cameo from Yoshi Sudarso, of blue ranger from¬†Power Rangers Dino Charge fame thrown in. The scene below shows a cooking duel between characters […]

Cosplay COTM

Cosplayer Of The Month April 2016: Vampy Bit Me!

Remember a while ago I mentioned that I was going to introduce a new cosplay segment? Well, here it is!! Presenting the latest addition to, the Cosplayer of the Month! I thought for a while which cosplayer I should spotlight first and I couldn’t go past my all time favourite number one cosplayer, Vampy […]


First Look At Tokyo Game Show 2014 Day One

Japandaman is a tired otaku after attending day one of Tokyo Game Show 2014 but not too tired not to update with some pics from the first day. Definitely the highlight was meeting awesome cosplayer, Vampy Bit Me and interviewing her for It’s Japan, Man! She was so nice and really generous to give us […]