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Swiss Pikachu Watch Sells For $20,000

Yep, you read that heading correct. Swiss watch maker, Romain Jerome, has decided to join in the Pokemon 20th Anniversary celebrations and release a limited edition Pikachu watch that has a retail price of US$20,000! It comes packaged with a very swish Moon Invader titanium case and black baseplate with a cool lightning engraving. Still…flipping expensive and only […]


Dreamcast 15th anniversary watch

We here at Japandaman HQ have said a few times that the Sega Dreamcast is our all time favourite console. Ok, maybe that only applies to Japandaman. In any case, it looks like there are still some diehard fans in Japan with one fan taking his love to a whole new level. They’ve gone to […]


Dragon Ball Z limited edition watch sells in Japan

Love Dragon Ball Z and want to always be reminded of your favourite series every time you check the time? Imperial Enterprises, a jewellery and collectibles manufacturer in Japan, now has you covered. The watch below is their latest creation for the Dragon Ball Z fan, made to coincide with the release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of […]


Listing The Top 25 Animes You Can’t Miss

So many animes, so little time. It seems to be a reoccurring theme on the internet same with manga. Well, hopefully Japandaman can make things a bit easier for you with a list of the Top 25 animes that are coming out sometime this year. These animes are some of the best this year that missing them […]

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New One Piece Watch Hits Japan

A Japanese mail order retailer, Imperial Enterprise, has commenced taking pre-orders for a snazzy new One Piece wristwatch. The watch is from the “New World ~Aratanaru Shishin (Next Pose)~” from their One Piece Premium Collection which started selling yesterday. The watch face features the fiddlehead of Thousand Sunny, the New World Log Pose, the 3D2Y message from Luffy and the the […]