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WonFes 2017 just wrapped and if you missed it, Japandaman figure expert Kat did a post on it which you can check out here! Apart from the awesome figures that are on display, there’s always a massive amount of cosplayers who are all keen to show what they’ve been working on. Thanks to YouTuber, Rescue The Princess, here’s a look at the WonFes cosplay with some amazing outfits on show.

Wonder Festival 2016 Summer Rundown

As a first figure post from me, it seems only natural that it be about the biggest semi-annual figure trade show, Wonder Festival!

WonFes is run in February and July/August each year in Chiba, Tokyo. The most recent WonFes was hosted on 24th of July. For us figure collectors, Wonder Festival is like Christmas. Except we have to buy everything we see that excites us, and sometimes wait several years before something goes from an announcement to pre-order. But on that note, I want to share with you a few notable items shown at the event just past!


Naturally there are many more to admire, of which you can find an extensive list I’ve prepared here. Several items have already gone up for pre-order so get your orders in so you don’t miss out.

Beyond this, Good Smile Company and Orange Rouge have revealed their Nendoroid 10th Anniversary Next Nendoroid Survey Results.


How exciting is it to see that they will be making some characters that people have been waiting a long time for, like Holo!

For more information around Wonder Festival, feel free to check out my new Figure 8 Podcast where we talk about announcements in more detail. More parts to drop in the next few days.


Akiba Photography



Official Hatsune Miku Blog

Pokemon Go Pikachu Cosplayer

Pokemon Go has well and truly gripped Japan now that it’s been launched over there and it hasn’t take long for the first PoGo influenced cosplay to make an appearance. Seen at the recent 2016 Summer Wonder Festival event in Chiba Prefecture was this cute Pikachu complete with sign above her head which shows the CP (Unknown) along with Pokemon name.

pogo pikachu cosplay 1

This cosplayer is Sakura Nanase who had the look down with yellow overalls, matching headpiece and hair and black bra because apparently that’s how Pikachu rolls when he’s not being hunted.

pogo pikachu cosplay 2

You can see more of Sakura on Twitter where she goes by @739ra and the photographer who snapped her, @t_minatsuki.

pogo pikachu cosplay 3 pogo pikachu cosplay 4

The Cosplayers Of Winter Wonder Festival 2015

Makuhari Messe was host to Winter Wonder Festival recently. WonFes, to give it its shorter name, is a garage kit and model expo which draws huge numbers and more specifically, cosplayers all dressed up showing off their favourite anime or gaming characters. Here are some pics below which Rocket News managed to grab of the event.

Super Sonico Shows Up At Winter WonFes

Super Sonico is the spokesperson for Nitroplus music but also happens to be starring in her own anime these days. So in a stroke of genius promoting, she made an appearance at the Winter WonFes over the weekend and brought along her scary manager for the ride.

Super Sonico and manager, Kitamura, complete with devil mask were in attendance as life sized models that fans could take their picture with.

As a new fan of Super Sonico, Japandaman approves of this 🙂

Good Smile Company Show Kill La Kill Figmas & Nendoroids

Kill la Kill fans need to pay attention to this next piece. Good Smile Company and Max Factory have taken the covers off of their latest upcoming figmas and nendoroids.


They’ve chosen the recent Winter Wonder Festival to unveil these amazing looking Kill la Kill models. A couple of the nendoroids shown by Good Smile Company were of Ryuko and Mako with Mako looking like an unpainted prototype model. Max Factory meanwhile had their amazing looking figma of Ryuko on display. No news on when these will hit stores or when pre-orders will start but they’re definitely attracting heaps of attention.

Super Sonico Rock’n Roll Valentine Figure

Super Sonico fans, old and new alike (us, us!), will love this new character that was just shown off by the character designer,  Tsuji Santa. The figure is being shown at the Winter Wonder Festival or, WonFes for short, this weekend.

[AFG_gallery id=’379′]

The figure is known as the Rock’n Roll Valentine and is named after one of the songs that Sonico performs in the band. The figure will be on display at the Good Smile Booth during the event.

Anyone else think she’s deadset kawaii!?


WonFes Exclusives Revealed By Good Smile Company

Wonder Festival, or WonFes for short,  is a massive showcase for upcoming figures, nendoroids and loads more. One of the popular companies to bring their wares to the event would have to be Good Smile Company.

good smile company logo

GSC have started the wheels of the promotion machine by showing what exclusives they intend on showing at the event, but be warned, your eyes will be watering at the awesome and amazing figures!

[AFG_gallery id=’373′]

Winter WonFes will be held on the 9th of February, 2014 at Makuhari Messe.

Life scale Titan head at WonFes

Makuhari Messe was recently host to the Wonder Festival, an event used to showcase up and coming figure models and garage scale kits as well. It used to be an event for amateur figure makers and developers to show off their wares but these days it also attracts the attention of well established figure companies.

[AFG_gallery id=’306′]

One of the more exciting and unique showcases that was on display was a 1:1 ratio scale figure of a Titan head from the hit anime, Attack on Titan. It was in place at the entrance to the dual booths of Good Smile Company and  Max Factory as GSC made the recent announcement that they’ll producing Titan nendoroids.