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Here’s a look at the World Cosplay Summit 2017 fresh off the press from Japan thank you YouTuber, Rescue The Princess! From Pokemon, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Overwatch, Nier Automata and more, there was so much awesome cosplay this year, just check out the video below and let us know which ones are your favourite! And congrats to China, doing a scene from Blood: The Last Vampire looked amazing!!

World Cosplay Summit Shows Off Itasha Cars

The World Cosplay Summit, held annually in Nagoya, is a chance for some of the world’s best cosplayers to get together, represent their respective countries and make some great friends along the way. One of the other attractions however are the itasha cars that show up at the event. Itasha is the practice of covering your car in decals with your favourite anime, manga or video game characters. It’s always a head turning experience when you see one in Japan and having them at WCS is no exception.

[AFG_gallery id=’405′]

It’s not for everyone…but Japandaman loves it and wants to do this to his car!!

World Cosplay Summit 2013 Event Trailer

Cosplay is loads of fun to do, some people love dressing up as their favourite anime/manga/game character just for fun while others elevate it that bit more and do it competitively.

With that in mind, countries across the globe have been holding their own cosplay contests with the end goal being to represent their nation in the upcoming 2013 World Cosplay Summit which is due to take place in Nagoya, Japan during the first week of August. This competition is huge with approximately 20 nations taking part in an even that is a standout on cosplay calendar. The event also has its own mascot which you can see below.

wcs mascots


Here’s a trailer advertising the global event. Looks like a great event to be a part of.

wcs poster

World Cosplay Summit Winners

I earlier posted about the World Cosplay Summit taking place on the weekend just past…well now…we have a winner or winners, really. The international winners are Monica and Mauricio Olivas of Brazil for their outstanding effort in bringing the world of Final Fantasy to life. Second was Italy with cosplayers dressed as Sugar Sugar Rune and in third place was China with their amazing costumes from Dynasty Warriors 6. The brother and sister team from Brazil previously won the event in 2006 making this the second time for them and the third time overall for Brazil.

There’s some pics below and the below the gallery, the link to the whole gallery from the Japan site.

Full gallery of pics from the World Cosplay Summit