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Xenoblade Chronicles X Bundle For Japan

Japan seems to be a hive of activity lately regarding anything related to Xenoblade Chronicles. Next thing we hear about is that Japan is set to receive an awesome Wii U bundle centred around Xenoblade Chronicles X. Nintendo have announced that the bundle will consist of a Wii U, a copy of the game, a map of the game, an art book and a ¥1000 pre-paid Nintendo card featuring an original design.


The game will release in Japan on April 29th, 2015.

Japanese Art For Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii was an astounding JRPG full of action, amazing scenes, stunning music and heart pounding action. It’s all these reasons plus more that make it highly coveted and expensive to pick up these days. So it’s with bated breath that many a fan is eagerly anticipating the release of Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U. Recently the artwork for the Japanese cover released and it looks amazing!


The game is being touted by many as the spiritual successor to the Wii title so it makes the Japanese launch date of April 29th all so far away.