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Playstation Experience 2016 Day One

The Playstation Experience 2016 was held this morning, Melbourne time, and considering it was just the first day, there were announcements and videos galore that left me salivating and wanting to see more. I’ve included the clips below for the games that I’m keen to see and right at the bottom I’ve left a link to see more of the other clips and some Playstation Experience links for you to check out.

Miss Yakuza 5 Winners Are Announced

We’ve covered in a few articles about the contest to find the Miss Yakuza girls, the lucky females who will go around the metropolis of Japan promoting the latest instalment in the Yakuza franchise.

For those in the dark, there were three girls chosen from Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya and Tokyo to be the finalists in the competition. The aim of the contest was to whittle down the finalists from 15 to 5. Well, after an exhaustive selection process, we can now reveal the five lucky girls who will be the promotional Miss Yakuza girls.

So without further ado, the winners are:

  • Sapporo: Mami Yamashita
    24 years old, actress
  • Tokyo: Yuiko Kan
    27 years old, talent/actress/model
  • Nagoya: Miki Murai
    22 years old, pachinko information clerk (she works at a pachinko parlor in Nagoya)
  • Osaka: Nanako Kodama
    24 years old, talent
  • Rena Nanami
    26 years old, waitress

Through the media of commercials on tv and other related activities to bring the game to the masses, the girls will use their considerable talents to show the public why the game is a must buy.

Let’s give them a round of applause!