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Pikachus Take Over Yokohama

Ok, first of all, a warning. The following may result in a sensory overload of your kawaii senses. Now with that out of the way, Yokohama Minatomirai is host to an annual Summer event called Pikachu Outbreak! The event runs between August 9 through to the 17th. Over 1000 Pikachus take over several landmarks from museums, restaurants and the Cosmo Clock 21Ferris wheel, to name a few. Even the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse was temporarily turned yellow as 50 electric mice ran rampant.

The upcoming Pokemon movie, Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, enjoyed the cross promotion with Rica Matsumoto, a voice actress, being present as well as Konno Asami, an ex-idol who’s now a TV presenter. Here’s a beyond cute Vine video showing the Pikachu shenanigans!

And here’s a video promoting the Pikachu Outbreak! event.


Cute Elephant Nose Ice Cream

Now here’s a delicious looking treat which comes from the creative minds in Japan. Elephant nose ice cream. Doesn’t sound appetising at first but have a peek at the pics below and you’ll see what they mean.

[AFG_gallery id=’399′]

These have been put together by the Zou-No-Hana Cafe situated in Yokohama and is the house specialty. The ice creams come with chocolate eye buttons and wafers for ears for the complete touch.

How cute are they?

Stunning Time Lapse Of Yokohama

The blogger with the amazing visual skills, darwinfish, is at it again. This time he’s applied his awesome time lapse photography skills to the port city of Yokohama. He’s gone to the 3rd tallest building in town, set up his camera and watches the magic unfurl.

For the info buffs, the 3rd tallest building is the Yokohama Landmark Tower while Yokohama itself is the 2nd largest city in Japan. Handy info just in case, you know, you need it one day.

Hatsune Miku Makes Public Appearance In Yokohama

August 29th saw the event “Festival 39 (Miku) end of summer” take place in Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture and recently the official site posted a video digest of the day.

The special guest for the event was none other than popular Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, who was projected onto a 10 metre waterfall measuring 15m x 30m. The jets were of water were sprayed into the air allowing Hatsune to be projected onto the resultant screen for an impromptu concert.

3000 lucky people in the audience were treated to performances of “Weekender Girl,” “ODDS&ENDS,” “Time Machine,” and “39.” Footage of the concert and the digest can be seen below. Seems like there were PS Vita’s on hand as well ro demo the latest Project F game featuring Hatsune as well as masks and other cool stuff to pick up.