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Babymetal Reacts To Youtubers Reacting To Babymetal

I love BABYMETAL, those trio of J-Metal/Pop girls are awesome and I love their sound. Some people are new to their sound and image as seen below. This is from YouTube channel Fine Brothers Entertainment who are known for their “People Reacting To…” clips.

This clip shows Su-Metal, Moametal and Yuimetal watching YouTubers reacting to clips of themselves. It’s really interesting to see how they perceive people who are watching them for the first time. And on top of that…it’s realy cute to watch their reactions too! Check it below.

Omakase Hatsune Miku Unboxing Video

I signed up a little while ago for one of those monthly loot type box subscription services. Turns out it was the last one and they were closing the service…just my luck 🙁 Anyways, it was courtesy of an anime streaming site called Viewster who had started the monthly service called Omakase. It was a bi-monthly service with the first month being Kill la Kill, the second month being Naruto and the third and final box being dedicated to Hatsune Miku!

I’m a big fan of Miku and had to sign up on the spot. After a little over 3 weeks, I received the box in the mail and thought I’d do my first ever unboxing video…which you can see below. It wasn’t a bad offering, I was expecting a bit more quality but still can’t complain! Check out the video below.

Miss Monochrome Youtube Channel Launches

Miss Monochrome is an original digital creation based around android and brought to life using the voice of Yui Horie, an anime voice actress who also sings. She had her Youtube channel launch today which you can access here.

poker face cd

The first video to launched on the channel is a PV track called “Poker Face” which also doubles as the opening track for for the Fall anime, Miss Monochrome: The Animation which ran for 13 episodes. The CD single will hit stores in Japan on January 29. Catch the PV below.

It’s Japan, Man! Is Revealed

So…for the past few months, Japandaman HQ has been hard at work putting together a side project. This side project is something we’re all passionate about and is proving to be LOADS of fun to put together. We’re big believers in giving something back  to the community and paying it forward.

We have been working on an otaku lifestyle TV show for YouTube called It’s Japan, Man! The teaser trailer went live yesterday and has generated a bit of buzz which is great! I’ve included the trailer below because that’s just how we roll 🙂 There’s also a link to the YouTube channel so please make sure you sub so you don’t miss out on any announcements!

The Japandaman YouTube channel

Cool updates incoming for the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo held one of their public broadcasts last night and this Nintendo Direct was aimed at squarely at the 3DS with a slight emphasis on the Wii U. Some amazing games were shown off but the more exciting announcements were happening in the back end for Nintendo.


The big one is that the Wii U and the 3DS will finally have a unified account that is able to share account credit across both consoles as long as you use the same Nintendo Network ID. This has been a feature that pretty much everyone has been asking for and it seems that Nintendo are finally listening to their fans. The social app on the Wii U, Miiverse, will also be coming to the 3DS so you’ll be able to post messages, drawing and more for your friends as long as you have an internet connection.

cg3ds 3

And popular video streaming site, YouTube, will also be coming to the handheld in the form of an app. All these changes and more will be coming to the 3DS sometime next month which will make a nice Christmas present for eager fans.

TGS ’13: Collection of Tokyo Game Show game trailers

YouTube channel, Gamers Prey, have collected an impressive list of trailers for Tokyo Game Show games which we’ve collated and out in one spot below for you. Great job and shout to Gamers Prey for an outstanding job.

New PlayStation Vita announcement

PlayStation Vita TV


God Eater 2

Gran Turismo 6

Natural Doctrine

Soul Sacrifice: Delta

Yakuza: Ishin

deep down


deep down gameplay

Gundam Breaker


Phantasy Star: Nova

8 minutes of Ghost in the Shell: Arise

Can’t get to Japan to catch the first instalment of prequel series, Ghost in the Shell: Arise? Neither can we but we can bring you the next best thing. The official YouTube channel posted the first 8 minutes so you can see what direction they’re heading in. Looks amazing and will definitely be a pre-order.

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