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Yuri!!! On Ice Dakimakura Covers

You love Yuri!!! On Ice and you also have a healthy obsession with dakimakura, those loveable, huggable full body pillow covers? Well, now you can combine the two and have sweet dreams with your favourite character thanks to these goodies hitting the streets of Japan.

There are three characters up for grabs with Yuri Plisetsky, Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki all available but even better is that there 2 variant of each one as well. So you can choose between one variant which features a sleepwear version with a summer outfit on the other side or alternately you can grab the other one which features a sexy version on one side with a clothed version on the other. That’s six body pillows all up, each measuring 160cm in length and selling for ¥16,200…ouch!

But check out these designs though…

Yuri Plisetsky

Victor Nikiforov

Yuri Katsuki

Pre-orders are open on the Animedia shop so be quick!

The Next Level: Yuri on Ice will return on the big screen!

Our favourite ice skater boys will return bigger and better than ever….ON THE BIG SCREEN!

Today was a big day for the ‘Yuri on Ice’ fandom as it was officially announced that there is a theatrical production in the works that will be released very soon. It was announced at the Yuri on Ice stage show currently happening in Japan and fans were lucky to hear the announcement. Many fans speculated that the major announcement was going to be a new season, however at the show they announced the Blu-Ray of the stage show (which will also be released later this year) but that a movie was indeed happening.

We are incredibly excited here at Japandaman (we are tragic fans of the show) and look forward to the new movie! If you haven’t seen the show go and check it out now on Crunchroll or Funimation.

For more information on the announcement check out the official website 

Oz Comic Con Perth 2017: Yuri On Ice Cosplay photoshoot

I was extremely lucky to take some fantastic photos of these amazing cosplayers. These cosplayers were extremely nice and were willing to take lots of photos (I have almost 200 different pics :P). What was wonderful about this shoot was that the majority of these cosplayers had no idea who each other were. They were just happy to share the ‘Yuri on Ice’ love.


New Yuri On Ice Merch Hits Japan

Fan of ice skating anime, Yuri On Ice, who after more while the long wait for season two begins, can take comfort in some new merchandise released in Japan that will make the wait that bit more bearable. Newly released from ACOS are some garments that will suit anyone yearning to live our their Yuri Plisetsky dreams.

So Yuri right there!

You can pick up this little number from AmiAmi for a lazy ¥8,240 and it’s also available in may different sizes for everyone.

Yuri’s parka is also available!

If leopard print isn’t your jam, there’s also this cool Yuri parka as seen in the ED of the anime plus those badges above come with the parka which will set you back ¥7,560…not bad!

The items start shipping out commencing June and there is a limit of 3 items per household so everyone can get one 🙂

Yuri On Ice Theme Performed On A Koto

You might be wondering what a koto is after reading the heading to this post. A koto is a traditional string instrument from Japan that has quite a distinct sound and is recognisable as the national instrument of Japan.


Koto player, Kazushi Okimasa, recently put together this clip showing his rendition to the opening of hit anime, Yuri On Ice. The theme is called History Maker and the show version is performed by Dean Fujioka. Here’s the show version:

And here’s the koto version:

On top of the YOI theme, Okimasa san also play themes from Nintendo and other pop culture backgrounds so check out his awesome skills on Twitter.

Yuri!!! On ICE Real Life Locations

Yuri!!! On Ice has already proven itself to be an extremely popular anime in this current season. The popularity of the show is being pushed along by the large female viewership and yes, there are quite a few males who love the adeventures of the figure skating world.

WOW Japan recently went through the effort of compiling a list of locales seen in the anime and comparing them to the real world with the help of Google Maps. The level of detail seen in the anime is astonishing.

The Iceberg Skating Palace, Russia

The following pic are showing the train station Karatsu Station or as they call it in the anime, Hasetsu Station.







Another area that’s seen in Yuri!!! is the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.









Karatsu Castle and Takashima Island are also featured in the show.









I’m always blown away by the level of detail and realism that brought into a lot of anime. It’s so cool when they do this then you can go and visit those areas yourself and feel like you’re stepping into the anime world 🙂